About Us

A Little background Information

HostedFX Web Hosting was in 2005 by one person, but since then has grown into a talented team of people that work with a passion to deliver quality web hosting services at the lowest possible price. The mission was simple; provide a web hosting service that focuses not on profit, but quality of service and the customers' needs. This is something that has been achieved. We at HostedFX are dedicated to providing the best support, whilst using the greatest technology and hardware. We truly believe that we have made low cost web hosting a possibility without the need to sacrifice quality.


Almost 4 Years later, and we have seen hundreds of companies come and go. Yet HostedFX is still here, going strong, thanks to our amazing customers. We now proudly host over nine hundred domains for more than five hundred clients and we are growing daily. HostedFX is a web host that is here to stay - we are a company that you can rely upon. Long term.


Many web hosts today use many different kinds of technology, some are better than others and some are very different like comparing day and night. We, at HostedFX are very different in every aspect. ALL our hardware is name brand because we believe in accountability and therefore can have the comfort on our side, moreover should the technology not work as intended; we are able to obtain a replacement ASAP to maintain our robust uptime.

What we use?

Our DELL bladeservers are unlike any other hosting technology. We have a VERY experienced team that understands how it operates and can easily implement it into a hosting environment. Barriers to entry such as this has kept our competition at bay and most use pizza box style servers OR, dare we say it, tower servers.

We also take advantage of Storage Area Network gear to maintain NOT only data integrity, but data backup and storage as well. We love redundancy and keeping your data safe. The bottom line is that most hosts out there that offer services in the same price range (comparing apples to apples) CANNOT offer what we do! We have the support AND the technology.