Managed Services

HostedFX been in business since 2004, in the span of time we have developed a skillful management team, our team consists of management experience of 10+ years, senior system administration in hardware, linux and windows os, virutizliation setup, and full network administration capability. We are always around the clock 24 hours a day 7 days a week and have our own technology to monitor your infrastructure setup.
List of Managed Services
Datacenter Management and Network Management:
Perfect for colo customers. Our senior system administrators will manage your own rack, cage, or multiple server with network and server management.
Desktop and Server Management:
Perfect for single or multiple server management, have your server managed with the setup you want it to be and fully monitored and secured by our system administration.
Infrastructure Management:
Perfect for multiple management of your Infrastructure in our datacenter. Full point to point management of all your server, backup storage , and other setup you have in our datacenter.
Managed Support Services:
Perfect if you have services not associated with HostedFX and want to hire us to work on your server or Infrastructure setup.
Backup And Storage Management:
Perfect for storage server and storage Infrastructure, our team can help you setup your storage portions and have it secured and begin monitored daily.