Merchant Account Services

HostedFX has developed its own competitive rates with our merchant account solutions. Now its even easier then ever to accept credit cards, with our gateway terminal, AuthorizNET you can have a fully integrated credit card system into your business or shopping cart. Our partners have teamed up with us to give us competitive rates for ecommerce businesses starting as low as %1.15. No hidden fees no gimmicks, simple application can get you started right away.
Merchant Account Services’ Main Features
  • Accept ALL MAJOR Credit Cards
  • Establish your Visa/MasterCard Merchant ID quickly
  • Internet Merchant Account includes Payment Gateway & Virtual Terminal
  • Retail Merchant Accounts also available
  • All Funds Deposited into the Checking Account of Your Choice
  • Rates start at 1.15%
  • Instant Setup! No Hidden Fees!
  • No Application Fee
  • Works With Virtually ALL Shopping Cart
  • Free Virtual Terminal and API's
All Major Credit Cards Accepted