Our Cloud Control Panel:

Our Control Panel is fully customizable. It provides intuitive control over every aspect of your cloud.

The Dashboard

The Dashboard shows an overview of the entire cloud (for administrators) or a personalized view of usage (for individual users).The Dashboard

Virtual Machine Management

You can create, start, stop or delete virtual machines directly from the control panel. The actions available to users depend on the permissions assigned to them.Virtual Machine Management

Create Virtual Machines

Choose a virtual machine from HostedFX's template library. Give it a name, hostname, password and hypervisor. Set the machine's resources and your're ready to deploy.Create Virtual Machines

Change Virtual Machine Resources

It's easy to scale up resources for virtual machines, or to scale back when needed.Change Virtual Machine Resources

Add Resources to the Cloud

You can easily add and configure new hypervisors, data stores and networks as you need to. Attach more disks for storage to your Virtual Machine when there is a load: detach them when they're no longer needed.Add Resources to the Cloud

Control User Access

You can allow users to manage all servers, virtual machines, disks and templates, or restrict them in almost any way you need to. Use HostedFX's predefined user roles to assign permissions, or create as many of your own roles as you need.Control User Access

Analyze Usage

Analyze usage with interactive CPU and bandwidth graphs for each virtual machine. Click and drag to zoom into a specific time period.Analyze Usage

Transaction Log

HostedFX tracks every virtual machine transaction. Drill down to see specific details of all virtual machine and cloud activities.Transaction Log

Additional Features In All Cloud Control Panel Plan:
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Unlimited Hosted Domains/Subdomains
HighEnd Distributed EqualLogic Storage Area Network
HighEnd Business Class Cluster/ Cloud & SAN Infrastructure
Virtuozzo 4
VZ Power Panel
Complete ROOT Access
Hosting Control Panel:
Included Software:
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